Since her early days growing up in the midwest in Lincoln Nebraska, Rhonda discovered her passion for helping people.  As a child she was active in community events and charities which to this day remain a priority in her life.  Growing up in Nebraska you learn the values of family, gratitude, hard work, culture and integrity which are the core values she basis every action on.

Rhonda grew up as an athlete.  She lettered in track, basketball and softball in high school and went on to get a softball scholarship to the University of Nebraska.  Her love for competition shows as she continually challenges herself and those around to “go for it” in life.  Upon graduating high school her entrepreneurial spirit could not be avoided as she discovered a need for a unique Day Care facility in Lincoln.  The first hourly drop in day care was founded in the state by Rhonda in Lincoln and expanded to two locations servicing over 300 kids.  She innovated this concept from scratch and turned in to one of the most profitable businesses in the city.

Something was missing in her life from a mission standpoint.  Rhonda wanted to begin impacting the lives of people in a major way.  Maintaining a healthy lifestyle became a priority and finding the perfect nutrition company to help keep her active lifestyle in tact put her head on with Visalus Sciences.  She discovered and helped co-create the Body By Vi Challenge with a team of experts from Visalus Sciences and now is known affectionately around the world as the “Body by Vi Girl,” Rhonda now travels the country transforming peoples lives in 90 days or less.  She has become the voice of hope for so many people and thousands have benefited from her simple message and the Body by Vi Challenge.

Rhonda proves everyday that you can be a great mom (3 kids), wonderful wife, be healthy, look great and enjoy your life no matter what age you are.  Its all about living life and challenging yourself daily.

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  1. Alice Miller 13 August 2011 at 4:49 am #

    Rhonda, this has to be the Rhonda I knew at Christ Unity Church when I was the pianist there………..what a small world! My daughter had heard of this shake program and was tooling around the websites for it, actually being very hesitant to order online as it implied one was becoming a distributor. Somewhere along the line she saw your name, not knowing you of course but when she said it, I thought to myself, “don’t I know that name?” So I googled around and sure enough I found you! So can she and I order an initial supply of the shakes from you?
    Guess I could call your mom too; since I’m not at Unity any more, I am not in close touch with those people. Hope all is well with you and will look forward to hearing from you.

    Alice Miller

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